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Lime Books publish books for companies, organisations, authors and self-publishers. Genres include: business, thriller, biography, self-help, cookery, non-fiction and specialist subjects. Lime Books services include: copywriting, editing, coaching, book design, ghostwriting, layout, marketing, printing, pr, proofreading, book launch and national book distribution.

Lime Books - welcome unknown authors and self-publishers

  • Submissions evaluated within 7 days
  • Your book published within 14 days
  • Unknnown authors and self-publishers welcome (Literary Agent not required)
  • Access to National Book Distribution
  • Your book printed by the same printer as Random House and Allen & Unwin

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    Lime Books
    0404 11 77 73
    Six Alma Street, Sydney NSW 2093


    Robert Salisbury - Publisher
    Bob Selden - Commissioning Editor
    Steve Molloy - Media Strategist
    Emily J. Burnham - Publisher's Assistant