Social Media Management - copywriting, photos, video, postings, management

Lime Media offers a service that enables business to optimize their profitability, through: Strategy, Design, Content, Posting, Data collection, Research, Feedback, and all important Sales.


Stage One - understanding your business

Each business is unique. Before offering any service, Lime Media would like to get to know your business. Ideally a meeting would be arranged for someone from Lime Media to communicate with you and learn about your business.

Stage Two - Strategic Vision

Spray and Prey use of Social Media cannot be monitored. To harness the power of Social Media, you need a vision, by which success can be measured. Having understood your business a Strategic Vision can be formulated, which would include: desired outcomes, timescales and budgetting.

Stage Three - building the Architecture

The Architecture of Social Media refers to the choice and setup of Apps utilized for acheiving your Strategic Vision. It must be built to exploit the unique demographic and features of each App, with what content you are able to publish.

Stage Four - Management

Like an Orchestra requires a conductor, your Social Media Architecuture (Setup) will need a Manager. Whether creating copy for engaging articles, sourcing interesting photography, shooting educational video, or simply posting information to the right App, at the right time, you should work towards your Strategic Vision. Lime Books works to an ongoing Management Agreement.

Management Plans start $800 per month

Stage Five - Review and Revision

Lime Books provide Feedback and Analytics to your Strategic Vision, which form part of a regular Review session, after which appropriate Revision may be made to your ongoing Strategic Vision. This may involve changes to your Budgetting, Content or Architecture, and provide your business with valuable Feedback for your product / service.

Plans from $800 per month

Social Media Management